POMLAB (Public Opinion & Media Lab) is a research laboratory based in the Department of Social and Political Sciences, University of Milan. It aims to collect and analyze data, from population-based online survey experiments to large-scale analysis of social media contents that capture the multi-faced manifestations of public opinion, in European context.

The Lab includes faculty and doctoral students who work on issues related to public opinion, media and political communication – from political attitudes to vote choices, from policy-based opinions to social prejudice, from the media agenda to news frames, from campaign events to movements of opinion via social media.

POMLAB’s main lines of research are (1) citizen attitudes and political communications over the EU and European issues; (2) Politicization of prejudice toward ethnic and religious out-groups. In addition to research activities, the Lab promotes seminars and workshops on “Social media, Methods, and Politics” in cooperation with NASP (Network for the Advancement of Social and Political Studies) doctoral programmes.